Custom Homes

Unique Custom Homes by Ricci Construction

Ricci Construction Group enjoys constructing custom homes. It is our specialty to work closely with each client to make sure their dreams become a reality. Our full time staff offers years of experience in many facets of custom home development from its conception to its fruition with the final designer touches. The true uniqueness of Ricci Construction Group, over other custom home builders, is its vast experience and hands on working knowledge of the mechanics that turn out a truly custom home.

Looking to Build a New Custom Home?

All of our custom homes are designed with attention to detail. Contact us to let us help you turn your dreams into a reality

Concept & Design

Ricci Construction Group is a team comprised of talented craftsmen and designers that can help you from the initial planning stage through the completion of your new home.


John Ricci will meet with you out at the building site to make tree removal selections as well as determine the best possible placement of the house on the property.

Exterior & Interior

Ricci Construction Group will work closely with you to put a color pallet together for both the exterior of the home as well as the interior of the home. Selections of the siding, roofing, trim and stone/brick will be put together on a board so you can see what your finished home colors look like together. The designer can work with you to coordinate your tile, counters, cabinetry, floor colors and wall colors.


With technology improving all the time, Ricci Construction Group can help guide you in the right direction when making your selections of HVAC, lighting, generators, security systems, sound systems, etc.

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