Ricci Construction Group Facts

Ricci Construction Group Facts

RCG Fact #1: A crack in the footing is a crack in the foundation.

A well built house starts off on a solid foundation which is why Ricci Construction Group always puts 3 continuous #5 rebar in our footings. By adding 3 #5’s your footing gets an ‘upgrade’ to a grade beam and greatly reduces chances of cracking.

RCG Fact #2: Dry basements are not a myth.

A dry basement is a guarantee at Ricci Construction Group. We add crushed stone below all our basement slabs to eliminate any excess hydro pressure.

RCG Fact #3: Spider cracks in your garage floor aren’t for spiders.

A well compacted garage keeps the cracks away. That is why when Ricci Construction Group backfills your garage we do it in 18” lifts while using a 1 Ton plate compactor.

RCG Fact #4: Concrete is placed not poured.

Contrary to popular belief too much water is never a good thing, especially when dealing with concrete. Ricci Construction Group monitors the amount of water added to our concrete so it can be placed as it was intended.